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Alexandre Alahi is currently an Assistant Professor at EPFL. He spent five years at Stanford University as a Post-doc and Research Scientist. He has worked on the theoretical challenges and practical applications of socially-aware Artificial Intelligence in the context of transportation, i.e., systems equipped with perception and social intelligence. He was awarded the Swiss NSF early and advanced researcher grants for his work on predicting human social behavior. He won the CVPR Open Source Award (2012) for his work on Retina-inspired image descriptors, and the ICDSC Challenge Prize (2009) for his sparsity-driven algorithm that has tracked more than 100 million pedestrians to date. His research has been covered internationally by BBC, abc, PBS, Euronews, Wall street journal, and other national news outlets around the world. Alexandre has also co-founded multiple startups such as Visiosafe, and won several startup competitions. He was elected as one of the Top 20 Swiss Venture leaders in 2010.

Title: When AI meets Humanity for Transportation

Humanity is at the dawn of a digital revolution where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to reshape the future of transportation with self-driving cars, delivery robots, and intelligent machines more broadly. To this end, a fundamental challenge is to develop machines that can not only perform intelligent tasks, but do so while co-existing with humans in the open world. Machines need to learn unwritten common sense rules, ethics, and comply with social conventions. Delivery robots should respect personal space, yield right-of-way, and ultimately “read” the behavior of others to effectively navigate crowded spaces.

While AI has made great progress in classifying images or playing games driven by well-defined set of rules, intelligent machines still lack common sense and the ability to make seamless, safe, moral and efficient decisions in crowded social scenes. To reach this ambitious goal, I propose empowering machines with a type of cognition I call socially-aware AI, i.e., systems equipped with perception and social intelligence. In other words, I aim to develop systems that have the capacity to i) understand human behavior and ii) effectively navigate and negotiate complex social interactions and environments. In this talk, I will present our latest works towards socially-aware transportation.

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